Books are like a virtual wise friend or a life mentor. They can’t replace a real person but they are the next best thing. For me, like teachers, books show up at the right time with just the perfect insight, or useful practice that can shift my entire perception and change the course of my life. My  clients and friends are always asking me what books I am reading or have read that I can recommend and has made some kind of impact on my life and so… the ‘wisdom library’ was born.

 I have learned so much from others and I am so grateful for those authors who have taken the time to share their thoughts, life experiences, useful practices and inspiration.  Here’s to keeping the inspiration flowing…

Phyllis Lane


Just like we have to feed and nourish our body, we also have to nourish our spirit with inspiration and soul food. Here are some spiritual books that have made an impact on my life in some way and have inspired me.


We are all here to keep the inner flame burning bright. Here are some books on different forms of creativity to keep that inner spark burning bright.


There is a phrase that says we are here to be a steward- to take care of what we have been given. Everything is on loan to us, even our body and it is up to us to listen to it, take care it and learn of it’s incredible intelligence. Here are some  insightful books on health and wellbeing.


Being wealthy is a way of being, a consciousness that lends itself to certain habits and practices.  Here are some practical and inspiring books about wealth and prosperity.


Relationship is our greatest spiritual teacher, the greatest spiritual path. This path delivers our greatest lessons that our required for our evolution. It is heart work, and hard work…. embracing our injuries and learning how to grow up emotionally so we can experience real love. I found these books to be very helpful.